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Look at the star

September 2010

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Look at the star

Look,after almost two years I finally post something in here!And  is my first Bones fanfic(ok,it´s more a drabble than a fic..)ever too.And my first attempt at a english fic.
Anyways,if you would post a comment about this neither if  is just to criticize my grammar(which would be great appreciate since this is didn´t pass for a beta and english is not my first language)I would like very much.

So,you know when you put your shuffle on your ipod and start writing something with the first ten songs as inspiration?Yeah,that´s what i did.And unless you haven´t watched season five finale that little drabble of mine is spoiler-free,ok?





Nothing in my way-Keane

Do the Evolution-Pearl Jam

Hands on me-Vanessa Carlton

Bubly-Colbie Cailat

Fear of Bliss-Alanis Morisette

Save Me-Remy Zero

Love Remains the Same-Gavin Rossdale

Fall Away-The Fray

You Probably Couldn´t See For The Light But You Were Looking Straight At Me-Arctic Monkeys

Hate that I love you-Rihanna feat NeYo


It's just another day, nothing in my way
I don't wanna go, I don't wanna stay
So there's nothing left to say


Temperance Brennan is not someone who regrets her choices.She is the type of person who pass a lot of time until make a decision but once she decide she stuck with it till the end.It´s normal for her to analyze each variant and finally choose the option which will have less consequences.She is not someone who regrets her choices.Then why she´s regretting turn him down?]

this land is mine, this land is free
I'll live how I want yet irresponsibly
it's evolution, baby


In high school, Seeley Booth used to be what he would now call a jerk.He was the king of the school, the one who used to terrorize geeks with his buddies and flirt with all the popular girls.Now, he likes to think that if he had meet her them he would have change.He just knows that.For her, he would try to be a better man.That´s what he do now, anyway.

Some day when our stories are told
They'll tell of a love like this
When our descendants are all growing old
A thousand years'll be singing


In her high school days, Temperance Brennan would have liked to had a boyfriend.Her first kiss was Todd Adrews and there is nothing romantic in being kissed because of a dare.She would have liked to find someone who would hold her hand in corridors, carry her books (even if she could carry herself, it was still a nice gesture), open the doors of her classes and maybe call her Bones.

Wherever it goes I always know
that you make me smile
please stay for a while now
just take your time
wherever you go

She was surrounding by twenty four persons, colleagues with the same interests, high IQ and some of the men were not only attractive but had shown interest on her.And still; the only time she would smile genuinely happy, will be at night alone in her tent with a letter that starts with “Dear Bones” and ends with “With Love, Booth”.

sometimes I feel this is too scary to be true
I sabotage myself for fear of losing you


Every time he receives a letter,he smiles and wonder if that leter will be the one to clue him in on her feelings.He knows that she now is less annoyed with Daisy,that she is really angry with a certain Dr.Lindsay for some squintish thing about the dig,that she misses going to the market and buying fresh fruit and vegetables,but he can´t found out how she feels about him.The only thing he can tell-and that became his anchor in a desert-is that she misses him because she always end with “Miss you,Bones”.

Somebody save me
I don't care how you do it
Just stay, stay with me
I made this whole world shine for you
Just stay, stay
Come on, I'm still waiting for you


Jeremy Reynolds was a good kid.He had a girlfriend named Clara who he wanted to propose when he went back to the USA and a little brother named Tomy who idolized him.And he was killed by enemy fire.Booth wanted to scream,to go out and kill the bastards who murder the best football player of his base.But mostly of all he want Bones.He want his Bones there neither that just to hold his hand.He didn´t told her of Jeremy´s death until she asked about him in one e-mail.The next day he receives the first phone call since he went to that fucking desert from her.

I, never thought that I
Had anymore to give
You're pushing me so far
Here I am without you
Drink, to all that we have lost
Mistakes we have made
Everything will change
Love remains the same

She knew that when she refused him,something changed.They changed.But she never thought that Temperance Brennan was the best for Seeley Booth.She loves him,she really do.But her partner deserve so much more…he deserves someone who could not only understand him but love him completely and know that felling will last 30,40,50 years.Brennan love Booth and Booth love Brennan,it´s just that sometimes love isn´t enough like it should be.Her time in the Maluku island made her reconsidered some of her notions and decisions.She may not know if she will love him 30,40,50 years in the future,but what is important it´s that she love him now.

Something I've done that I can't outrun
Maybe you should wait maybe you should run
But there's something you've said that can't be undone

Maybe he should have insisted more.He should have prepare more- write down what he wanted to say and think of all the cons that she would bring and fight with her logically.Maybe he should have waited more or give her more time to think about the possibility…maybe.The truth is that he gambled without calculating his opponent´s moves and that he lost it.It´s kind of ironic,really,the one time he wants to win more than anything and he doesn´t.Since he doesn´t have a time machine and can´t go back the result of his gamble is that:Here he is in a God forsaken desert and she is in an island that he didn´t even knew exist before she went.And he miss her as hell.


Everybody's trying to crack the jokes and that to make you smile
Those that claim that they're not showing off are drowning in denial
They're not half as bad as me say anything and I'll agree
When it comes to acting up, I'm sure I could write the book

The music was loud.Angela and Hodgins were dancing together and she could see a different light in her friend´s eyes even in that distance-she always have such a great sight.Cam and Sweets were a couple of feet away discussing Michele´s new boyfriend (That Sweets have recently meet and analyze and was now giving Cam his conclusions about the boy).Booth was at her side sharing a beer with her smiling.It is moments like this that makes her conclude that life can be in fact very good.


 That's how much I love you
That's how much I need you
And I can't stand you
Must everything you do make me wanna smile
Can I not like it for a while ?


Sweets didn´t notice for a while, maybe he just assumed that Booth didn´t take his advice.But Hodgins noticed.And Booth didn´t know if he fucking hated that fact or if he was glad for it.

-Sometimes, man just the love-no matter how big-isn´t enough.The time has to be right too, you know?

He knows.He knows very dam well.And when Angela and Wendell come into the lab,holding hands and laughing,from their lunch break it occurs to him that Hodgins knows.Hodgins knows very dam well too.